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Applying to study in the UK as an international student

Over the years, the United Kingdom has become a destination of choice for most students looking to further their education. The country boasts of many institutions of higher learning such as University of Oxford, Kings College, London School of Economics, the University of Edinburgh and many more. Applying to study at any one of these instituitions as an international student can be a taxing process.

Here are a some of the things you should consider before applying.

1. Funding

When pursuing international study make sure you have the money to fund your degree.

Various organisations (and universities) offer scholarships for graduate and undergraduate study, for example I came to the UK on the Rhodes Scholarship. For any of the scholarships you'll be applying for, check what they offer i.e do they include stipend or just tuition coverage, and for how long can they cover such costs.

Be advised that though there are working restrictions on the tier 4 student visa, the visa still allows you to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term-time, therefore can make extra money to cover living costs.

2. Cultural differences

Whether picking a unversity in a quiet area or in a bigger city, you may want to look into if the university offers any international student programs and services to help especially with with the cultural transition. Universities (like Oxford) for example, offer a very cosmopolitan, culturally diverse environment. But, there might still be culture shock! So read up about what to expect, and maybe find communities that could be similar to yours to help you adjust.

3. Weather ☁️❄️

The UK is known for its cold and wet weather, with occassional snow, therefore pack lots of warm clothes.

Big winter coats are vital, but dont forgot other essentials like hoodies, cardigans and winter socks. Some students have also invested in waterproof jackets and shoes. I took it a step further with a water resistant backpack for the rainy seasons.

There is also a lack of sun during the winter which can contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). For this I take vitamin D supplements. Universities also offer mental health support in various degrees.

Worry not, for we do have very warm summers here too, so do pack light shorts, dresses etc. as well. The weather can be unpredictable!


  1. Umbrella

  2. Winter coat

  3. Boots

  4. Gloves

  5. Waterproof coat

  6. Woolly hat/ Beanie

  7. Thick socks

  8. Jumpers/jerseys

  9. Sunscreen

As you get ready to embark on this new journey as an international student in the UK, do know that there exists a ton of information for you, to help ease any of your anxieties about relocation. Do not hesist to get in touch for a quick chat about it.


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