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Blackout Scholarship

Blackout Scholarship

This scholarship program offers individualised support to select students from Molopo River CJSS every year. This support will be provided in the form of financial aid and mentoring, aiming to address socio-economic barriers.

The candidates for the scholarship will be assessed on the basis of academic success, financial need, and their interest in leadership and service. Financial aid will include covering tuition fees of recipients for a year. The scholarship also aims to provide financial assistance to recipients so that they can purchase school stationery. Mentoring will include termly one-on-one sessions with one of several possible mentors selected based off the recipient's interests.

The Blackout Scholarship is closed for applications.

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Proudly supported by

  • Majd Abdulghani
  • Olana Peters
  • Benjamin Schaper
  • Shaun Davidson
  • Natali van Zijl
  • Ronald Seabo Badubi
  • Peggy Serame
  • Wanjiku Gatheru
  • Joana Pinto
  • Mmakgosi Tau
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Rise is an initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust meant to provide financial aid to anyone between the ages of 15 and 17. It is open to anyone from any country, with any background, passionate about any topic, and dedicated to building a better world. Rise offers educational support, mentorship, and career advice services as well as  funding opportunities ("this could range from supporting a non-profit to starting a social enterprise").

Rise is closed for applications.

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Anzisha Prize


The Anzisha Program is a partnership between the African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation aimed at assisting entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 - 22. The prize is awarded to existing businesses, inventions, or social projects in any field or industry (science and technology, civil society, arts and culture, sports, etc.).

​Its main objective is to service an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship as a viable career choice for young Africans. The program also helps in fostering collaborations that will benefit different businesses.

Anzisha will open for applications on October 24 2022.

Dare to dream

Dare to Dream 

Dare to dream is based at the Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park. The foundation is dedicated to the advancement of youth, women, and girls in STEAME, as well as aviation and aerospace. This program mainly provides support to help both girls and boys forge careers in aviation.


In 2021,  Dare to Dream partnered with Stanbic Bank Botswana to start up the Little Engineer Discovery Space Online Program. This program seeks to educate youth between ages 10 and 16 on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It was launched in May 2021 and is delivered through a series of interactive online 3D modelling workshops, moon challenges, and space programmes.

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