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In 2019, Sudanese around the world took to social media to raise awareness about a vicious crackdown on protesters in Sudan. During this time there was a media blackout of the protests, with access to mobile internet being entirely shut down.

Using the hashtag #IAmTheSudanRevolution, social media users around the world showed support for the ongoing demonstrations, pressuring the international community to pay more attention to events in Sudan.

Image by Ricardo IV Tamayo




Dineo also joined the conversation, using her access to the internet and social media to amplify the voices of many Sudanese who were silenced. Because of that access, and having been inspired by the resilient people of Sudan, Dineo chose to start a project that could make international opportunities more accessible to Africans.


Founded in July 2021 by Rhodes scholar Dineo Serame, this platform aims to be a one stop shop for scholarships and internships, and not just for university level youth. Blackout Africa brings Africa to the world and also helps shed a bit of light on issues that the international media isn’t talking about.


Media blackouts have killed a lot of revolutions (particularly in Africa). Where there could have been change, people were silenced. Where there could have been an opportunity to LEARN and GROW, there was ignorance. Blackout hopes to help address these issues that are almost taboo, presenting opportunities for both learning and teaching.

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