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Blackout tackles various social issues such as gender based violence (GBV), racism, and mental health illnesses.

In our videos we discuss alternative measures to tackling GBV in Botswana, such as consent classes introduced in Kenya, as well as talk about the role of creatives in shaping public opinion. Blackout highlights various African movements like #EsengMoNgwaneng, #AmINext, and #IShallNotForget, and engages 
Mr Emmanuel Keamogetswe, a counsellor at the Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention and Support Centre, to talk about GBV in Botswana.

Blackout also celebrates World Mental Health day and talks about the importance of commemorating such a day through Dineo's first takeover of the Rhodes Trust instagram page.

Blackout Scholarship

Because of the support and generous donations of our sponsors, the first Blackout scholarships were awarded in January 2022 to four students from Molopo River CJSS. Our youtube channel details all things related to the scholarship, including the assembly of the student packages given to the scholars as well as the awarding of the scholarship.


Below are the poetry performances done through the Rhodes Trust during takeovers of their social media accounts.


Guitar: Shaun Davidson

Lead vocals: Gorata Angela Serame who joined us from Gaborone.